Insurance companies selling Medicare supplement plans

There are so many policies within Medicare that it can be a little intimidating to decide which one to go for or to decide which the insurance companies that are selling these supplement plans. Original Medicare covers a lot but there still certain medical expenses that might not be covered under them. Hence, Medicare supplement plans to aid in covering expenses not covered under Medicare plan A and B. To get the Medigap it is necessary to know how to find this supplement insurance and how much is needed in the Medigap policy and getting the quote for it will help to know the exact cost of it.

Tips to find supplement Insurance resources for Medicare supplement plans:

  1. Existing insurance carrier:

Medigap sites usually state the insurance companies that are licensed to sell Medigap insurance in the state. Also, each state has its different insurance companies that are authorized to sell these policies. Hence, it is necessary to look for these companies which are authorized by the government to sell them. Keep in mind that the companies licensed to sell insurance forms of any kind might not be necessarily authorized to sell Medicare supplement plans. To start with, it will be easier to call the company that is already providing the medical insurance for you, or even auto insurance or home insurance. Any agent associated with the insurance company will be able to tell you if the company is authorized for selling Medigap policies. It becomes cheaper and easier if you already have an existing insurance coverage of some kind with the company.

  1. Official Medicare website tool: is the official website for Medicare policies and you will get any information related to the policies. From the homepage, select “supplements & other insurance” and then “find a Medigap policy” to find the policies suited. From there, enter the applicable zip code and then the website will pull out the insurance service providers who are authorized to sell Medicare supplement plans in the mentioned state.

  1. Policy coverage:

After finding out the list of service providers, select the insurance company to look at the policies offered by them. Click on “view policies” and a new screen will open listing the policies provided by those insurance providers and the estimation of cost annually. The cost mentioned is just estimation and is provided in general. Cost can change with different preferences and call an insurance agent of the selected company to know further.

  1. Internet search:

Just a simple search for Medigap or Medicare supplement plans in 2019 will list a number of sites that will enlist answer to every question. But make sure that the price and details quoted are aligned with Medicare’s official website.